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Smocked Kids’ Clothing FAQ

What is smocked clothing?

Smocked clothing is classic southern style clothing. Needlework creates small, regularly spaced gathers stitched into a honeycomb pattern. On this pattern, there are geometric patterns or pictures stitched onto an outfit. Smocked clothes are traditionally very formal church or holiday clothes, but more and more, children are wearing them every day.

What is the difference between Picture Smocking and Geometric Smocking?

Geometric smockings are patterns created with the different stitches used in smocking. Picture smockings are smocked pictures (puppies, flowers, sailboats, etc) with the stacked cable stitch. Stacking cables is similar to cross stitch patterns as you place cable stitches on top of each other to form pictures.

What is applique?

Applique is a decorative design made by sewing one fabric over another. Children’s clothing often has adorable pictures appliqued on them.

What is monogramming?

Monogramming is letters (name or initials) embroidered onto an outfit.

What is a bishop?

bishop is a smocked dress with smocking all around the collar or neck area and a bottom hem that hits between a girls knee and ankle.

What is an angel wing sleeve?

Angel wing is the term for those ruffled sleeve caps you see on a sleeveless bishop. It is made by adding a small piece of gathered fabric that is curved on the edge to form a ruffle at the sleeve cap. It’s called an angel wing because it looks like a wing.

What is a bubble outfit?

bubble is an outfit that is all one piece and is blousy around the body. A bubble can be either short with the leg holes around the thigh or long with the leg holes around the ankles.

What is a Jon-Jon?

Jon Jon is a boy’s one piece outfit that has short pant legs.

What is a Longall?

longall is a boy’s one piece outfit that has long pants.